What to do if your shoes don't fit

Nowadays, the number of people who purchase products from online shops and e-commerce sites is increasing, and when you receive it, you may find that the color and size are different from what you expected.

Also, even when purchasing at a store, some people buy it because "the size does not fit a little, but this design is absolutely good".

Continuing to wear shoes that are not the correct size will have various adverse effects on your feet and body.

So this time, I will introduce the appropriate measures to be taken when the shoe size does not match.

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■ What's wrong with wearing shoes that don't fit?

If you wear shoes that do not fit your feet, you will not only get tired of walking, but you will also hurt your feet such as hallux valgus and hammer toe.

Hallux valgus was originally a common disease in Europe and the United States, which has a long history of shoes, but recently it is increasing in Japan as well.

A characteristic symptom is that the big toe bends in a "dogleg" direction toward the index finger, causing pain in the joints at the base.

When it gets worse, it becomes so painful that you can't put on your shoes, and you have to put on a brace to correct it, and if that doesn't help, you have to have surgery.

Hammer toe is a disease that occurs when shoes are too small or too wide.

The toes are always bent and the joints hit the shoes, causing pain.

In particular, children's feet are soft and easily deformed, so be careful.

Don't choose larger shoes just because your child's feet will grow quickly.

Also, if you leave it as it is even though it is tight, the way you walk will change.

To prevent this from happening, it is important to choose the right size shoes.

Wearing shoes that are not the correct size will have an adverse effect not only on your feet but also on your lower back.

Since both feet are connected to the pelvis, imbalance of the feet causes deformation of the pelvis and causes back pain.

In addition, shoes with a center of gravity on the toes, such as high heels, naturally cause the hips to stick out, which also causes back pain.

In this way, wearing shoes that do not fit will hurt not only your feet but your entire body.

However, it is quite difficult to make your own shoes to order every time.

Therefore, it is important to adjust the size so that it fits your feet as much as possible.

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■ What to do if your shoes are too big

・ Tighten the shoelaces

Perhaps when the shoes felt loose, you'll be trying to No. 1 first.

However, if you tighten it too tightly, it may cause poor circulation and swelling, so be careful not to overtighten it.

・ Insert the insole

Adjust the size by putting a commercially available insole in the shoe

Looseness can be eliminated, and the burden on the foot can be reduced by inserting a highly cushioned insole.

・ Put an inner cushion on the toes and heels

It may be unfamiliar to men as it is often used by women to wear pumps.

Used in images that fill the space in the toes and heels.

・ Attach a gel sheet

A non-slip gel sheet is attached to the toes and heels to eliminate looseness.

In addition, the original non-slip element of the seat is added to prevent the shoes from rubbing, so it is recommended.

・ Wear thick socks

Wear thick winter socks to eliminate looseness.

When you take off your shoes, you don't feel any discomfort, and you can do it with what you have at home, so it's very easy.

However, it is a technique that cannot be used in the summer, so that is the only drawback.

It might be a good idea to try which method is better and combine it.

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■ What to do if your shoes are too small

・ Use a shoe stretcher

It cannot be used for fabric shoes such as sneakers, but it is effective for leather shoes.

You can pinpoint areas that you feel are tight, such as width, height, and toes.

Put the stretcher into the shoes, and twisting the handle can put pressure on the leather, we will extend the leather by placing as it is two to three days.

If you wear good shoes, etc. business scene, it may be useful to have one.

・ Pull out the insole

By removing the insole, the space inside the shoe can be expanded and the tightness can be eliminated.

You can also adjust it by changing the thick insole to a thinner one.

・ Use with stretch spray

Stretch spray has the effect of softening the leather, so you can spray the inside and outside of your shoes and the leather will stretch naturally just by wearing it.

・ Stretch the leather with the heat of the dryer

To wear on top 2, 3 sheets of thick socks, you as it is to wear the shoes.

Then, heat the shoes from the outside with a dryer.

At this time, be careful not to overheat only one point and damage the leather.

・ Wash to soften the dough

Fabric of shoes, such as sneakers, the dough is soft and to wash once, will be easy to wear.

At this time, be careful not to lose its shape.

・ Step on new shoes to soften them

When new, sports shoes are too hard and may cause injury, so you may step on them before putting them on to soften them.

You may also be able to wear smaller shoes by softening the fabric.

However, it is not recommended because it may damage the fabric if you step on it too hard.

Up to this point, we have introduced how to adjust the size of shoes that you can do yourself, but if these methods do not help, consult a shoe repair shop.

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■ Let's measure the size of your feet

As an adult, the size of your feet does not change.

If you leave measure the size of one degree your own feet, you can reduce the failure to purchase the shoes.

Also, measuring the size of your child's feet will not only help you choose the right shoes, but will also be fun to experience your daily growth.

From here, I will show you how to measure the correct foot size.

When measuring your feet, it is basic to measure them barefoot.

Even with ordinary cotton socks, the foot length will increase by 1.5 mm and the foot circumference will increase by 5 mm .

First, open your legs to the width of your shoulders, extend your hands naturally, and look straight ahead.

At this time, be aware of the posture of putting weight evenly on both feet so that there is no bias.

・ How to measure foot length

A line from the heel central point of connecting the second toe of the center point as a reference, Measure the length from the heel to the No. 1 long finger.

・ How to measure the foot circumference

Measure the overhanging part of the bone at the base of the thumb and little finger with a measure.

Measure both feet in this way, and if the left and right are different, be sure to choose the shoes that match the larger one.

In addition, the size notation of shoes differs between Japan and overseas, so it is recommended that you check carefully before purchasing.

Some people are concerned that if the manufacturer is overseas, it may not fit the feet of Japanese people, but in recent years there are many shoes that are made to fit the feet of Japanese people.

For example, Tanaka Universal's " maccheronian " series of tassel loafers use a wide range of lasts for the Japanese, even though they are manufactured at a Romanian factory that once made Italian military shoes.

Because the material is soft leather, we do not have to put up with the pain in the legs until we get used to it, which is peculiar to loafers, and we use materials that are gentle on the skin so that we can wear them barefoot.

In addition, since the large selection of size, you can select a product that suits your own feet is one of the charm.

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■ Summary

As introduced here, there are many ways to deal with the size of the shoes you purchased.

By all means, please try various methods so as not to put a load on your feet.

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