Business To Business

Planning/production of bespoke products/exclusive models

We accept custom-made products only for your shop.

Do you want to start selling models that will give your customers a special feeling, such as bespoke products of the shop, products by business category or products limited to webshops?


Flow of commercialization

We will create samples of the images and materials you want based on the models and materials we can handle.

The sample will be completed in about 1-2 months after the final design is decided.
After confirming that there is no problem with the finished sample, we will start production.

The desired delivery date is decided by checking the schedule of the production plant.

Regarding the production quantity, it depends on the model, material, schedule, etc. of your choice, but we also support small quantities of bespoke products.


We have continued to stick to original products for more than a quarter century.

Products that can be purchased anywhere and everywhere are not products that satisfy customers.

We believe that by introducing your limited product/exclusive model, we will be able to provide products that customers can truly feel and appreciate.