The only company in the world that commercializes the original "German Trainer".

"Macaronian" has been working on environmental issues since its launch in 1998.

about us

From the 1950s to the 1990s, there were many shoe manufacturing factories in Eastern Europe, and it was known as a production area of ​​high quality military training shoes as a wartime munitions industry.

We, Tanaka Universal, have restored traditional machines by restoring the machines, shoe molds, soles and cutting knives of those days that were left behind in the shoe factory after overcoming various historical backgrounds. While carefully inheriting the passion of the succeeding craftsmen for shoemaking, we are making shoes that combine the essence of history and culture with contemporary fashion and fashion (Reproduction of Classic Shoes).

In the past, I have been involved in various shoe designs such as designing and planning for a long-established royal purveyor shoe brand founded in Austria in 1885 and many Maison brands around the world. It was

A typical work is the German trainer's wooden shoe, sole, and material, which are training shoes of the German army that were discontinued in 1994 and were not used. , Succeeded in commercializing the world's first reprinted German trainer that inherited the traditional manufacturing method using the machine used to make shoes at the time.

We, Tanaka Universal, have been able to interact with customers all over the world through the product of shoes for more than half a century since our foundation in 1942. By wearing our shoes, we believe that we have continued to deliver fashion, lifestyle, culture and the wishes of the creators.

We will continue to respect the passion of all those involved in the shoemaking process, and as a company that always provides valuable products and services, we will walk with all our customers. I would like to work with you.


イタリアのPitti UOMOや東ヨーロッパの工場も訪れ、田中清司が築き上げてきた信頼関係を間近で見てきました。





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