Does walking improve your foot problems? Correct walking and health effects when wearing sneakers

Many people suspect that their sneakers aren't the right size when they have some trouble with their feet. However, the cause of trouble may be how to walk. If you learn the correct way to walk, your worries are likely to be solved.

Sneakers foot trouble

Let's solve the problem of the foot by reducing the sole and walking properly

I think there are many people who usually walk without thinking about anything. Different people have different ways of walking, and each person has their own habits of walking. By analyzing the walking habits, you can find out the causes of foot problems and physical disorders.

#If the inside of the sneaker is reduced <br> When you look at the sole of the sneaker, there may be a case where the inside is greatly reduced. If the inside of the sole is reduced, many people tend to have inner thighs or X legs. This type often walks on the back of a cat, so it is likely to lead to back pain. It also leads to the problem that your legs bend when you walk in the inner thigh.

#When the outside of the shoe sole is reduced <br> If the shoe sole is reduced mainly on the outside, it is highly likely that you are walking with your crotch. Due to the center of gravity on the outside of the foot, only the muscles on the outside of the foot can hurt. Since only the outside is used, it is possible that the muscles inside may loosen. In some cases, the heel and little toes support the weight, in which case corns and octopuses may form on the soles of the feet.

#If the heels of the soles are easily reduced <br> If the heels of the soles are reduced, the abdominal muscles and back muscles are weakened, and it is possible that you are walking with a stoop. People with crotch will often have less heels on the soles. Since the heel supports most of the weight, only the heel may be throbbing. Some people walk in this pattern as if they were hitting their heels. People of that type are not able to absorb the impact well and are more likely to hurt their knees as well as their heels.

#The correct way to walk that the shoe maker thinks <br> Once you have examined the soles and found out which type you fit into, it is important to think about improving your way of walking.

If you can walk properly, not only will you reduce the strain on your feet, but it will also have a positive effect on your health. The key points when thinking about the correct way to walk are the line of sight, posture, and how to move your legs. It can be said that there are many cases where the line of sight and posture are linked. For example, people with stoops tend to look down naturally, and in that case, it is highly possible that the stoop can be improved by trying to look straight ahead.

As for how to walk, consider improvement measures by referring to how to reduce the soles of shoes.

People with reduced outside walk while paying attention to the inside. If the inside is reduced, be aware of the outside. If you have reduced heels, pay attention to how you put your weight on it. If you are aware of your forward leaning posture a little more than usual, you will often find that your weight is well-balanced.


People who have difficulty walking with an awareness of the inside and outside aim to improve their walking style with a different way of thinking. One of the concrete improvement measures is to be aware of the bending and stretching of the knee. It can be said that people who wear their soles unevenly often do not use their knees well. Raise your legs a lot, bend your knees firmly, and extend your knees as you lower your legs. By doing so, the knees act as cushions, reducing the strain on the feet.

If you keep in mind that you will walk with a large stride, you will naturally be able to move your weight well.

Sneakers worries

If you learn how to walk properly, your leg pain will improve.

People who have pain in their legs often have difficulty walking and have a heavy burden on their legs. If you can walk properly, the strain on your legs will be reduced and the pain will be alleviated.

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