How to eliminate swelling of the legs

I think there are many people who have spent many years with such a desire to eliminate swelling of their legs.

When I get home from my daily standing work and desk work, my legs swell.

This time, I will introduce how to solve such problems as much as possible.

Swelling of the legs

■ What is the cause of swelling?

Edema is often caused by lifestyle-related disorders and stress, and can occur in anyone.

This time, I will introduce the main causes of swelling.

・ Muscle weakness due to lack of exercise

Human blood sends oxygen and nutrients from the heart through arteries to the whole body, and at the same time collects carbon dioxide and waste products through veins and returns to the heart.

In this flow, the blood in the legs must return to the heart against gravity.

The calf muscles play a role in returning blood to the heart.

The calf muscles stretch and contract, acting like a pump.

When the calf muscles weaken due to lack of exercise, the pumping function deteriorates, resulting in blood stagnation and swelling.

In addition, women have less muscle mass throughout the body than men, so they have less ability to return blood to the heart and are more likely to cause swelling.

・ Excessive diet

It's okay if you're on a diet that builds muscle and does it the right way, but excessive diets that reduce calf muscle mass can cause swelling.

・ Stay in the same posture for a long time

When you hear the cause of swelling, many people may think of it first.

Being a long time of standing work and desk work in a sedentary day, the calf of movement is reduced, will not fulfill the role of a well pump, also be the cause of that thing is edema.

・ Too much salt

Not only blood, but also water in the blood and excess water in the gaps between cells can cause swelling.

Since salt has the property of suppressing water, if it is taken too much, excess water will not be discharged and will stay in the body, causing swelling.

Also, lack of vitamins, minerals and calcium can cause swelling, so try to have a well-balanced diet.

・ Too much alcohol

Alcohol has a dehydrating effect in blood vessels, so if you ingest it in large amounts, you will lose water in your body and your blood concentration will increase.

The body lowers blood levels and takes in water from the blood vessels in an attempt to restore it to normal.

Moisture taken in at this time may cause swelling.

The swelling that I have introduced so far should not be a concern if you sleep overnight and heal.

Swelling of the legs

■ Swelling of legs and selection of shoes

If the size and shape of the shoes do not match, it may cause swelling.

・ Small size

Small shoes can cause swelling because they can put pressure on your toes and cause poor blood circulation.

Also, shoes that do not fit in size can cause hallux valgus, so be sure to choose a size that suits your feet.

The actual size may differ depending on the manufacturer and the shape of the shoes.

Be sure to try it on to see if it fits your foot.

If you are not confident in your judgment, it is recommended that you ask a clerk to measure your foot size.

・ High heels

High heels, which are synonymous with shoes that tend to swell, because they limit the movement of the ankles.

Compared to sneakers, the movement of the ankle is restricted, so the movement of the calf does not work well, and water accumulates, causing swelling.

It is safe to avoid it when walking for a long time or when you are in the same posture.


Like smaller shoes, your feet will be tightened and more likely to swell.

If you often wear it not only in winter but also as a fashionable part, be careful not to overtighten it.

Shoes that put pressure on the toes and shoes with high heels can cause swelling.

For those who are worried about swelling, we recommend sneakers with flat soles.

Tanaka Universal has sneakers of various designs as well as functions, so you can wear it not only in your private life but also in the business scene without any discomfort.

■ Care for swelling of feet that you can do yourself

The care methods introduced here are intended to eliminate transient swelling.


"Sasu massage" is effective for swelling.

Lymph fluid has the function of transporting waste products, so even if you say massage, you improve the flow of lymph by "rubbing" instead of "rubbing".

It's very easy to do, first lightly place your hands on your knees and gently rub the surface of your thighs toward the lymph nodes at the base of your feet, from bottom to top.

Gently rub the back side as well.

Next, place your hands near your ankles and rub them toward your knees, then rub your calves toward the back of your knees in the same way.

Finally, gently rub the front and back from near the ankle to the base of the foot.

The lymph vessels are just below the skin, so they can stimulate blood and lymph without the need for strong force.

When the flow of blood and lymph improves, the body becomes warmer and the skin color becomes brighter.

・ Footbath

The "footbath" that is often seen in tourist spots is actually effective in eliminating swelling and is recommended because it can be easily done at home.

First, prepare a container, such as a large bucket, that allows you to sit on a chair and bend your knees 90 degrees so that you can put your feet below your knees.

Fill it with hot water of around 40 degrees to the height at which the calf is immersed.

If you sit in a chair and soak for 15 to 20 minutes, your whole body will warm up and your blood circulation will improve.

It is a good idea to prepare hot water slightly hotter than 40 degrees so that you can add hot water when the temperature drops on the way.

It is also recommended to add bath salts and aroma oils to enhance the relaxing effect.

Since the legs are at the ends of the body, blood circulation is inevitably poor and swelling is likely to occur.

By making a footbath, which is easier than bathing, a daily habit, you can not only eliminate swelling but also get a good night's sleep.

Swelling of the legs

■ Prevention of swelling of legs

It is also important to prevent the swelling of your legs from getting worse on a regular basis.

・ Use the stairs

Going up and down stairs is effective in improving blood circulation because it uses the muscles of the legs a lot.

If you usually use an escalator at a station, you may want to try using the stairs once in a while.

・ Move your toes

When you move your toes, your calf muscles also move, improving blood flow.

It is effective to raise and lower your heels while sitting on a chair, or to put your heels on the floor and raise or extend your toes.

・ Wear compression socks

Wearing compression socks improves blood circulation in the legs and prevents swelling.

There are daytime and nighttime use, so it's best to use them properly.

・ Moderate exercise

If your calf and thigh muscles are weakened, blood flow will be impaired, so be sure to do light exercise such as walking or walking on a daily basis.

In that case, shoes with a sole that is easy to kick out are the best.

Swelling of the legs

■ Summary

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Both series have a simple and fashionable design, so even those who dislike exercise can feel cheerful.

The person who worries in the swelling of the legs, why not try all means once.

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