What is choosing sneakers that do not put a strain on your feet?

If you continue to wear sneakers that do not fit your feet, you may develop hallux valgus. If you want to keep your feet healthy, choose your sneakers carefully. We will show you how to choose sneakers that you will not regret, so please refer to them.

Sneakers worries

Popular sneakers from all ages

Sneakers have been popular with men and women of all ages. The variety of designs and the use of light materials make it ideal for long walks. It is easy to wear, so it is suitable for walking and walking. Sneakers are perfect shoes for those who want to enjoy their outdoor life.

However, if you develop pain in your legs while walking, you need to be careful. The sneakers may not fit the shape of your foot. If you put up with it as it is, there is a risk that it will deform and develop hallux valgus.

Be aware that your toes and insteps may swell as you continue to walk in sneakers that don't fit your feet. The ideal sneaker for shoe makers is to walk long walks without straining your feet. Not only is it the right size, but it's also important that it fits the shape of your foot.


When buying new sneakers

If you want to buy new sneakers, consider the size. Some sneakers have an alphabet that indicates the width of the foot as well as the length of the foot, such as 22 cm and 25 cm.

If you have wide legs, 3E or 4E is suitable, so it is important to pinpoint your search. It's also a good idea to choose sneakers while considering the shape of your toes. The Egyptian type with the longest thumb and the Greek type with the longest index finger are common in Japanese. This type of person can wear sneakers with sharp toes.

However, for the square type, which has the same length from the little finger to the thumb, we recommend sneakers with wide toes. If it doesn't fit the shape of your fingers, you may have poor blood circulation and tighten your legs. Choose sneakers that don't have to put up with pain in your legs or bend your toes

.. In addition, some shoe manufacturers undertake custom-made shoes so that they can choose the sneakers that suit each person's feet. You can buy sneakers that are easy to wear because you can measure them exactly.

Sneakers foot trouble


If you feel pain in your legs

Be careful if you feel pain in your legs as you continue walking. First of all, it is important to check the straps of the sneakers. If you tighten the straps tightly, you will put pressure on your legs and your blood circulation will worsen. If left as it is, the legs may be deformed. Let's re-tighten the straps.

Also, if you feel that your sneakers are big, we recommend adjusting them with insoles. If you wear sneakers that are larger than your size, your feet will tend to get tired.


To choose comfortable sneakers

If you want to choose sneakers that fit your feet and allow you to walk longer, choose your size carefully. It is important to measure not only the length of the foot but also the width of the foot.

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