Eliminate swelling with sneakers that fit your feet and care between work

If you often sit down at work, or if you wear shoes or heels that don't fit your feet, your feet will inevitably become swollen and heavy. I will tell you how to choose stretches and shoes that are effective for such troublesome swelling.

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Let's know the habit of walking

The shape of each person's foot is different. It can be wide, long fingers, flat feet with few arches of the foot, and so on. Depending on your feet, you will have a habit of walking.

If the center of gravity is on the outside or if you walk by dragging from your toes, you may not be able to use the soles of your feet well and your shins and hips may be strained. However, my habit is hard to notice by myself. People who feel that their legs become dull and heavy when walking may be due to their habit of walking or shoes that do not suit them.

Although it will be another manufacturer, "ASICS WALKING" will measure your feet and the clerk will advise you on the shoes that suit each person.

Check items are "foot length", "foot width", "arch height", "heel inclination angle", "thumb bending", "heel width", and "height from sole to instep". item. Semi-order insoles can also be made according to the characteristics of the foot.

You can find the shoes that suit your feet, as the shoe manufacturer thinks. By knowing the shape of your feet, you can also understand the habit of walking. It's easy to measure, so it's probably worth a try. It seems that daily walking and running will be more fun.

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Measures against swelling that can be done even while sitting

If you sit at your desk for a long time, your blood flow will be blocked and your legs will swell easily. However, for those who are embarrassed to make big movements or wear compression socks to prevent swelling during work, we will introduce a simple swelling care that can be done while sitting.

The calf muscles are mainly made up of the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles. By staying in the same system all the time, the two muscles become stiff, the ability to shed blood weakens, and when blood flow is blocked, the legs swell. Therefore, it is important to stimulate the muscles.

Here's how to eliminate swelling while sitting in a chair.

While sitting, place your other leg on one lap. Then, move the leg on which you put it up and down, and use your knees to squeeze the calf muscles. Please squeeze the inside and outside evenly. By giving an appropriate amount of stimulation to the stiff muscles, blood flow becomes easier.

Another important thing is to take off your shoes and move your fingertips. The finger that is pushed all the way into the shoe is a part that is easy to stiffen. Give your fingers a goo or par shape or sway them to stimulate them. Toe socks are recommended because they make it easier to move each finger.

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With this, you too will have swelling feet

It is important to choose sneakers that suit your feet, take care of yourself, and above all, soak in the bathtub to relieve tension in your body. Please try what you saw in this article and get a swelling-free foot.

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