Choose the sneakers that suit you and be healthy

The feet support the body and are greatly involved in general health. And shoes support such feet. Know the key points in choosing shoes so that you don't keep wearing shoes that don't suit you.

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Do shoes have a negative effect on your health?

Your feet are a very important part of your body, so wearing shoes that don't suit you can have a negative impact on your health.

For example, if you are wearing big shoes, you will not be able to grasp the ground firmly, and your leg muscles will gradually weaken. As a result, the muscles of the whole body are out of balance and various parts are loaded. It can lead to low back pain and stiff shoulders, and it also causes constipation and stomach upset due to the progress of muscle weakness and loosening of the fascia.

Choosing shoes is very important for a healthy life, so choose the shoes that suit you.

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What are the conditions for shoes that have a positive effect on health?

Next, I would like to introduce the conditions for healthy shoes that shoe manufacturers consider.

# Cushion and hold are well balanced <br> Cushion is a very important point for shoes. It relieves the strain on your feet when walking and running, and the impact when landing.

However, it does not mean that the cushioning property is strong. People with bad walking habits can be encouraged by wearing cushioned shoes. In that case, it is necessary to hold the entire foot firmly. In other words, it is important that the cushion and hold are well-balanced.

# Some weight and hardness <br> Heavy shoes are hard to walk and your feet get tired quickly. In addition, wearing hard shoes for long periods of time will cause shoe rubbing. Therefore, it is easy to think that light and soft shoes are good for your health.

However, light and softness alone does not have a positive effect on health. Light and soft shoes often do not provide good support for your feet and can put a strain on your feet. Also, if it is too soft, it will lose its suppleness and you will not be able to kick it up firmly when you start walking. Therefore, healthy shoes need a certain amount of weight and moderate hardness.

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How to choose shoes that suit your feet

# Knowing the characteristics of your feet <br> Since each person's foot shape is different, it is first necessary to understand the characteristics of your feet correctly. Take a closer look at whether the width is wide or the instep is high, and what the length of your fingers is.

# Points when choosing shoes <br> First, try wearing shoes and check if the instep is not pressed. However, the gap between the instep and the shoe should not be too wide. It will not be squeezed, but make sure it is held properly. It is safe if it can be easily adjusted with shoelaces or belts.

Next, pay attention to the space of your feet. We recommend those that allow you to move your fingers freely even while wearing shoes, and those that are loose. It also helps prevent hallux valgus. In addition, let's check the heel part. It is easy to walk if the entire heel is properly covered and there is enough space for one little finger. In addition, the landing is stable, so you can prevent your feet from getting tired.

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Be aware of your general health from your feet

Choosing the right shoes will strengthen your legs and lead to general health. When buying shoes, be aware of your health when choosing shoes.

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