Painful and spicy hallux valgus! How to choose recommended sneakers!

One of the causes of hallux valgus is that you are wearing shoes with a narrow tip. Many people may have trouble choosing shoes because they feel pain. In this article, we will introduce how to cure hallux valgus and select recommended sneakers.

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What causes hallux valgus?

One of the causes of hallux valgus is the natural shape of the foot. There are three types of Japanese feet: "Egyptian type with the longest thumb", "Greek type with the index finger longer than the thumb", and "Square type with all five of the same length". Of these, the "Egyptian type" is walking. It is said that it is easy to become a hallux valgus because it is easy to put a burden on the thumb when it hits.

The percentage of Japanese people of Egyptian type is as high as 70%, and many people suffer from hallux valgus. Also, be aware that people with flat feet other than the Egyptian type also have a strong thumb force and are prone to hallux valgus. These can be inherited, so people with families suffering from hallux valgus are also more likely to do so.

Other than the shape of the foot, there is also the point that "I am wearing shoes with a thin tip". The current situation is that hallux valgus can be anyone as long as they have a habit of wearing shoes. However, you should be careful, especially if you often wear pumps with a thin tip, as it will often put a strain on your thumb.

For those who are prone to hallux valgus, it is recommended to choose shoes that are less burdensome.

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How to cure hallux valgus is conservative therapy or surgery

If the hallux valgus is mild, some people may live with it, but if left untreated, it is likely to become severe.

Conservative treatment is available even for mild cases, so start by having your hallux valgus examined. Conservative therapies are "exercise therapy," "shoe instruction," "orthosis therapy," and "drug therapy." "Nursing home" involves repeating goo and par with your toes, or putting rubber on your big toes and pulling. "Brace therapy" is a method of using pads and insoles to reduce pain.

"Shoe instruction" is very important and aims to reduce pain and control the progression of hallux valgus deformity. Recommended shoes for hallux valgus are low heel, soft material shoes and are instructed to wear medical insoles if necessary. Medical insoles are prescribed by a doctor and created by a prosthetist.

In the case of "surgery", the bone at the base of the big toe is cut open and joined in the correct direction. Depending on the degree of hallux valgus, the operation time is about 1 to 2 hours, and if it is mild to moderate, it can be done on a day trip.

In cases requiring hospitalization, follow-up is performed for 4 to 5 days and then outpatient.

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Choose sneakers that resemble the shape of your foot!

The shoe maker's idea of ​​"how to choose shoes recommended for those who suffer from hallux valgus" is "similar to the shape of your foot".

This is a very important point in terms of wearing shoes that do not put a strain on your feet. Some people choose shoes with a wide tip so as not to put a burden on the tip of the foot, but the point is that it "fits your foot", so you should actually wear it and check it. If you wear shoes for a long time, your feet will swell easily, so we especially recommend sneakers with laces that are easy to adjust.

It is often thought that the legs are most swollen in the evening, but the way they swell varies from person to person. Therefore, it is important that you can easily adjust it according to the situation at that time.

And another point is that it is recommended to stick to the insole that is easy to stabilize with the sole in the correct position. By the way, depending on how you choose the insole, it not only suppresses the pain of hallux valgus, but also reduces fatigue, back pain and stiff shoulders.

There are various types of insoles for sneakers that absorb the impact of walking, but both can be purchased for around 1000 yen, so try to find the one that suits you. Many sneakers are fashionable in design, and you can take measures against hallux valgus while having fun in terms of fashion.

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Sneakers that are easy to adjust by yourself are recommended for hallux valgus!

For hallux valgus, it is recommended to choose sneakers that match the shape of your foot. If you use a shock absorbing type insole together, you can expect to reduce the pain of hallux valgus. Let's take measures against hallux valgus while enjoying fashion.

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