How to massage when you are tired from walking

After a long time of shopping and sports, my legs are getting tired without realizing it ...

I think everyone has such an experience once.

Just wearing hard leather shoes and women's high heels will put more strain on your feet than usual.

This time, I will introduce massage and stretching methods that are effective for walking fatigue.

Tired feet

■ What causes you to get tired of walking in the first place?

It is natural that people who lack exercise and those who usually play sports will get tired differently even if they walk the same distance.

Also, walking for a long time with shoes that you are not used to wearing can put a strain on your feet without you even noticing it.

Do you remember the day before your elementary school excursion, when your teacher told you to wear shoes you're used to wearing tomorrow?

It's the same when you grow up.

However, as an adult, you have to wear shoes that you are not accustomed to wearing according to your work, events, and fashion, which puts a heavy burden on your feet.

In addition, it is also one of the causes distortion of the body.

The feet play such an important role that they are called the "second heart."

The legs are located at the bottom of the body, and it is the calf muscles that send the blood from the legs to the heart.

The calf muscles contract and swell like a pump to prevent backflow of blood and create a normal flow.

The muscles that are supposed to be used in a well-balanced manner due to the strain of the body put a strain on only a part of the muscles, which increases fatigue.

Tired feet

■ Walking in the correct form

The number of enthusiasts has increased in recent years because walking has a high fat burning effect and has almost no initial cost.

To strengthen the walking legs of about 30 minutes a day, it has been recognized a variety of health benefits, such as to prevent the hardening of the blood vessels.

On the other hand, there are many people who stop because they cannot feel the effect.

To improve the effectiveness of walking, it is important to acquire the correct form.

By increasing the stride length and increasing the speed a little more than normal walking, the range of motion of the muscles increases.

Also, by stretching your back and shaking your arms, you can enhance the exercise effect of your entire body.

By continued for 3 to 4 weeks walking in such a correct form, increased improvement and endurance of the whole body of the cardiopulmonary function, you can get a specific effect, such as "reduction of subcutaneous fat."

In addition to the health benefits of continuing walking, you can experience the joy of walking, invite friends you like, and enjoy interacting with nature, which is a secondary effect. There are also many.

Even those who were initially distressed will become more and more enjoyable and more likely to continue.

Walking is all about such good things, but the burden on the body is not zero.

If you continue walking for a long time, fatigue will accumulate and you will need proper aftercare.

Tired feet

■ Effective massage when you are tired from walking

Prolonged walking or walking can inadvertently accumulate fatigue on your feet.

If left untreated, it may cause injury or chronic physical strain.

Therefore, what is needed is proper physical care such as massage and stretching.

From here, I will introduce a self-massage to relieve foot fatigue.

・ Thigh root

With your legs stretched and sitting, raise one knee and tilt it outward, and place both hands on the base of the thigh on the side of the collapse.

While applying weight from above, apply pressure 5 times on each side to stimulate the large lymph nodes at the base of the thigh and improve lymphatic flow.

At this time, it is important to be careful not to put too much weight on your muscles.

・ Calf

Since it is the most important part for promoting blood circulation, it is recommended to actively massage to recover from fatigue.

After pressing the area around the ankle with both hands, gradually massage toward the knee side.

The point here is to attach the calves of both hands to the part close to the Achilles tendon and place the palm on the calf.

・ Thigh

Since the thighs are the largest muscles in the lower body, the range of massage is inevitably wide.

First, raise your knees, rub the back of your thighs with your fingers, and gently push the sides with your palms, then gradually move your hands from your knees to your ankles.

When massaging the surface, the point is to stimulate it in a circular motion.


First, pull the ankle toward you and grasp it so that the big toe is on the outside of the big toe so that the toes and fingers alternate.

After inserting it firmly to the base of the fingers, slowly turn it inward and outward about 10 times to loosen the ankle joint.

・ Foot acupoints

There are many effective acupoints on the soles of the feet in many parts of the body, including organs, and pressing them promotes blood circulation and relieves foot fatigue.

It is also effective for one by one stimulate the pot, but when sitting in a chair rolling in the soles of the feet a sphere, such as a golf ball, is very efficient since it is possible to stimulate more of the pot at the same time.

・ Saninko

You might word not accustomed too much to hear, but one of the jar with a very effective in relieving fatigue of the foot.

With the acupuncture points at the bottom of the shin bone, four fingers from the inner ankle, slowly repeat acupressure 10 times on each side with your thumb.

It promotes blood circulation, helps energy circulation, and relieves foot fatigue.

・ Effective stretching when you are tired from walking

Massage pushes and massages the body, while stretching aims to stretch the stiff muscles and restore them to their original physical condition.

This time, I will introduce an effective stretching method for legs that are tired from walking.

・ Calf

First, sit upright, raise one knee, and hold it with both hands.

Put your weight on your knees and tilt your upper body forward, keeping your calves stretched comfortably for 1 minute.

This 1 day 3 set, Repeat instead of the legs.

If your calf muscles are stiff, you will not be able to raise your toes sufficiently when walking, which can cause you to trip.

This stretch is also effective for keeping the calf flexible.

・ Achilles tendon

Stand with your hands straight and rest on the wall, lower one foot one step back, and keep your toes perpendicular to the wall.

Continue to slowly bend the front foot, and keep a state in which stretched out behind the Achilles tendon for about 1 minute.

This stretch also, one day three sets in the same way as the calf, let's repeated instead of the legs.

The Achilles tendon is an important organ that connects the calf and heel, so if it is stiff, the ankle will not bend sufficiently and the heel cannot be raised smoothly.

To prevent this from happening, we recommend that you do it every day as much as possible.

Tired feet

■ Choose shoes that don't put a strain on your feet

Massage and stretching are effective when you are tired from walking, but choosing shoes becomes very important when walking for a long time.

Recently, many sneakers that have both functionality and design have been released.

Among them, Tanaka Universal's " GERMAN TRAINER " series is a reproduction of the sneakers officially adopted for training by the German army, using the same manufacturing method as at that time.

Naturally, it has high functionality and is recommended.

Since it uses the " BW sole", which has excellent cushioning and durability, it does not get tired even when walking for a long time and reduces the burden on the feet.

In addition, because the familiar "maccheronian" series in the foot as soon as the wear once, is also ideal for yoga and stretching, light jogging.

Why don't you take this opportunity to find a sneaker that suits you and start walking or jogging.

You will surely feel radiant not only in your body but also in your mind.

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