Cure swelling of your feet with sports sneakers

These sneakers are selected because they are easy to walk in, but various additional effects have been added through repeated research by each company. Among the effects, this article will explain the swelling elimination effect.

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The cause of swelling of the legs is a decrease in the ability to drain water.

"Swelling", in which the legs become swollen when waking up in the morning or walking for a long time, means that the blood vessels are swollen due to the poor flow of water flowing in the blood vessels. Once the ingested water is sent to the large intestine, it is absorbed by the blood vessels of the large intestine to help the cells activate. Then, the water that has finished its role is sent to sweat or the kidneys and ureters again through the blood vessels and is discharged as urine.

However, if you repeat the same facility for a long time, the force to push out the water in the blood vessels will not work, so it will be more likely to accumulate in the calf part of the face and feet, which are particularly susceptible to weight.

The swelling itself subsides over time, but it's important to note that chronic swelling can have a negative effect on blood vessels.

As I said earlier, swelling is a condition in which water accumulates in the blood vessels. Over time, the pump function will work again and return to its original state, but if it continues over and over again, the structure of the softened blood vessels will break down. When the structure of soft blood vessels begins to break, blood vessels that should be thin remain thick. When a large amount of blood flows there, it causes varicose veins that rise from the skin. Varicose veins not only make your feet look bad, but they also cause severe pain as the symptoms progress and nerves are stimulated.

If this happens, surgery with a catheter will be required, so it is necessary to devise countermeasures with mild illness, not just swelling.

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Fit sneakers that fit and stimulate your feet

It is also a good idea to change the shoes you are wearing as a countermeasure before the swelling becomes severe, after knowing that leaving the swelling will leave a great deal of sequelae in the blood vessels. Therefore, as a method of eliminating swelling that shoe manufacturers think about, sports fit sneakers have been developed by each manufacturer.

Sports fit sneakers are shoes that are easy to balance by studying the shape and size of Japanese feet and tightening them appropriately. The merit of this sneaker is that the legs are fixed and it is hard to fall down by tightening it properly, but as an added value of this tightening effect, it helps to eliminate swelling.

Edema is a situation in which it is difficult for the water in the legs to be discharged due to the influence of gravity by repeating the same posture for a long time. You can put pressure on the blood vessels by tightening your legs there. If pressure can be applied to the blood vessels, the pump function, which is the original role, works normally, and the excretion of water is successful.

However, if the tightening force is too strong, the flow of blood vessels will worsen, so you need to try on many times and choose sneakers that feel moderate pressure.

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If it doesn't change even if you change your shoes, go to the hospital

The swelling can be eliminated by wearing sneakers that are properly tightened. However, if the condition does not heal after more than a month, it is advisable to undergo a detailed examination as there may be a problem elsewhere.

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