Let's take measures against hallux valgus by choosing sneakers

Wearing high-heeled shoes is often cited as a reason for hallux valgus, but sneakers can also be the cause. Know what choices you can make to combat hallux valgus.

Sneakers worries

Small sneakers cause hallux valgus

When choosing sneakers, there is a display of how many cm as an index of length in the vertical direction, and there are indexes such as EE, 3E, and 4E for width in the horizontal direction. It is common to choose the size of sneakers based on this combination, but be aware that small sizes can cause hallux valgus.

In the case of shoes that are small in the vertical direction, the toes are constantly pressed and the thumb is bent. Especially when the width is narrow, the thumb will be bent inward, so it will be easy for the thumb bone to be deformed inward. With such a small size, the pressure causes hallux valgus.


Large sneakers also cause hallux valgus

Once you understand the problems that arise with small sizes, you might wonder if large sneakers are less likely to become hallux valgus. However, it is known that larger sneakers are actually more likely to become hallux valgus.

If you have a large size, your toes will hit the tip of your shoes many times when you are walking. The tip of the sneaker, called the throw-away size, is usually a place where your toes don't fit, but larger sizes tend to fit.

This area is so narrow that your thumb will be pushed inward as strongly as you would with smaller sneakers. Note that the same phenomenon occurs when the vertical direction is long and wide.

Sneakers worries

Choose the perfect sneaker for your feet

As a measure against hallux valgus, it is important to choose sneakers that are the right size for your feet. It's a good idea to choose a sneaker that has a little play on the toes and doesn't feel oppressive from the left or right even if you move your foot forward.

If you have already become a hallux valgus, it is also important to choose a slightly wider one and sneakers made of soft material to reduce the pain caused by pressure. However, if you choose one that is too wide, there is a risk that the hallux valgus will worsen, so make sure that it fits properly before purchasing.

It's also a good idea to choose sneakers for your health that shoe makers think of. In recent years, shoe makers have begun to create and sell many unique brands. The concept is often to improve health, and more and more sneakers are designed to reduce the burden on the feet and prevent hallux valgus. If you choose the one that is the right size from them, you will surely not become a hallux valgus.


Choose sneakers that won't be hallux valgus

Sneakers, large or small, can cause hallux valgus. Let's maintain the health of your feet by choosing the right size sneakers from the health-oriented sneakers that shoe makers think.

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