I want to get rid of the smell of sneakers! Introducing easy measures

My favorite sneakers have an unpleasant odor ... To prevent such a situation, this time I will introduce a method to suppress the sneaker odor. All the measures can be done easily, so please give it a try.

Sneakers worries

What is the cause of the smell of sneakers in the first place?

What is the cause of sneakers smelling in the first place? Its true identity is "miscellaneous bacteria". The germs on your feet multiply in your sneakers, causing that unpleasant odor. And this germ loves the hot and humid environment.

The soles of the feet are said to be the parts of the human body that are particularly prone to sweat. Sneakers that are warmed by body temperature and become more humid by sweat can be said to be the best environment for germs. To suppress the odor of sneakers, it is important to prevent the growth of germs and remove moisture.

Sneakers worries

How to reduce the smell of sneakers

Now, let me introduce concrete measures against sneaker odors that shoe manufacturers think about. We've picked up ways you can do it with what you have at home or what you can buy right away.

#Do not wear the same sneakers repeatedly <br> If you wear the same sneakers continuously, the temperature and humidity will inevitably become longer. Therefore, it is recommended to wear it in an alternative rotation to replace other shoes. The less often you wear it, the easier it is for moisture to escape. Also, the sneakers have improved, and two birds with one stone. You will be able to wear your favorite sneakers for a long time.

# In order to avoid the <br> moisture keep in good ventilated place, it is also important to keep in well-ventilated place. It is also a good idea to dry in the shade on the balcony. Moisture tends to stay in the shoe box, so it is recommended to put a dehumidifying agent together.

#Put a 10-yen coin or aluminum foil in the sneakers
10-yen coins and aluminum foil are made of metal. The metal ions emitted from the metal have a bactericidal action, and can be expected to work to suppress germs on sneakers. 10 yen and aluminum foil are items that are often found at home, so you can easily deodorize them.

#Wash diligently <br> Washing sneakers diligently is also essential as a deodorant measure. Shoes are a difficult item to wash, but cloth sneakers can be washed as a whole. However, the color may fade or the material may change, so be sure to check the product label.

#Sprinkle deodorant spray <br> One way is to use a convenient deodorant spray. It's very easy because you just sprinkle an appropriate amount on your sneakers. Deodorant sprays can be purchased immediately at shoe stores and online. There are various types such as scented and unscented types, and some cannot be used depending on the material of the shoes. Make sure to check if it can be used for sneakers when purchasing.


Eliminate the smell of sneakers and keep wearing them comfortably

The odor problem that sneaker lovers tend to suffer from is actually an easy way to deal with it. Please use the method introduced here to eliminate the odor and continue to wear sneakers comfortably.

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