Use sneakers that suit you for off-time foot care

You have to wear shoes that are a little unsuitable for you, and you may have to stand or move for a long time. Take care during off-time to build healthy feet.

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Wear sneakers that are easy to wear for everyday outings

Those who have to wear shoes such as pumps that tend to put a strain on their feet during work tend to suffer from hallux valgus.

Even for men, hard leather shoes do not fit their feet and can hurt their feet or affect their entire body. The first step in foot care that a shoe manufacturer considers is to choose shoes that place as little strain on the foot as possible.

To minimize these problems, choose comfortable shoes that fit your feet when you wear them during off-time. In particular, sneakers do not put a burden on your feet, and the width can be easily adjusted with strings, making it easier to fit your feet.

If sneakers don't fit your feet as they are, adjust them and wear them. If it is loosened a little, you can adjust it by inserting an insole etc. to make it easier to fit. Be aware that if you wear it loosely, it will also put a strain on your feet and cause damage. If you attach or detach it with the string tied, the string tends to loosen. It's a hassle, but let's tie the string properly once and for all.

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Spend as barefoot as possible

If you usually wear shoes and spend time indoors wearing socks, your feet may become immobile or less susceptible to irritation. From there, it tends to affect the whole body and feel the weakness of the legs. To prevent this from happening, try to spend your off-time at home barefoot.

Just spending time normally will stimulate you, and your fingers will be easier to move, so you can prevent muscle weakness. If possible, try to actively move your fingers. If you really want to wear socks, you can use five-finger socks with separate fingers to make your fingers easier to move and prevent muscle weakness.

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To understand the condition of your feet

Many people do good skin care for their face and body. However, it seems that many people don't care much about their feet because they are hard to see. If you don't usually see it, it's hard to notice even if something goes wrong, and when you notice it, you may end up in a terrible state. Let's always be careful about your legs so that it doesn't happen.

Just like doing body care, try to massage your feet and wash them clean. If something goes wrong in the process of care, you will be able to notice it, so you can take measures such as changing shoes and receiving treatment if necessary before it gets worse.

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Off-time to care for your feet

Your feet tend to be overworked during on-time, so take good care of them during off-time so that you can stay healthy. Spend your off-time focusing on choosing shoes and looking at the condition of your feet.

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