How to wear maccheronian fashionably? Introducing coordination!

Introducing the coordination to wear maccheronian fashionably!

Romanian sneaker brand Macaronian has long been popular for its high quality handmade shoes. Not only the sophisticated design, but also the comfort and functionality. What kind of coordination is good for wearing such Macaronian sneakers fashionably?

Therefore, I will introduce two types of recommended coordination, a standard model of Macaronian and a mode model.


Keep simple designs simple!

Speaking of Macaronian's classic design, it is a design that is organized in one color such as white. As for how to wear clothes that match such a design, sneakers will look better if the clothes are simply put together. Therefore, it is recommended to combine it with fashion items that have no pattern or are about one point. T-shirts and denim are recommended in the summer, and cardigans are recommended in the spring and autumn. A good coordination to be aware of at this time is to use only one of the jacket, inner and pants when incorporating a pattern. In particular, if the pants are patterned such as stripes, the tops will be plain, the bottoms will be patterned, and the sneakers will be plain, so all fashion items will look great.

In addition, although we introduced the coordination here on the premise that we chose sneakers with a simple design such as white, there are some Macaronian sneakers that use flashy colors such as red even if only one color is used. For such things, it is recommended to choose a color that does not insist on the tops and bottoms, such as white, in order to make the sneakers stand out.


Introducing mode coordination!

The Macaronian also has a mode design that incorporates the trends of the time, such as tricolor. How should we coordinate the sneakers with such a design? If your sneakers come in multiple colors, we recommend coordinating sneakers and other fashion accessories to make them stand out. If the sneakers and clothes have a flashy pattern, they will get messed up, and the sneakers will not look good. Therefore, basically, it is better to choose plain and simple tops and bottoms.


Enjoy coordination with sneakers!

Macaronian sneakers are attractive for their high quality and fashion. When wearing such Macaronian sneakers, think about coordination that takes advantage of the stylish Macaronian. Of course, it is also a sneaker that you can enjoy various coordination, so please enjoy various coordination other than the coordination introduced here.