maccheronian shoes are perfect for men's coordination!

maccheronian shoes are perfect for men's coordination!

maccheronian is a shoe brand founded in 2003. All shoes are made from earth-friendly materials and are made from raw rubber by the Vulcanize method (the sole and upper are placed in a hot kiln and crimped for a sturdy finish).

Despite its simple design, maccheronian has a handmade texture and is popular among women, but in fact it is an item that is also outstandingly suitable for men's fashion.


"Comfort" is the best for maccheronian!

The maccheronian has its roots in a factory that manufactured shoes related to the Italian Navy, Romanian Army, and Czechoslovak Army, so the practicality of the shoes is well-developed.

Using the vulcanized manufacturing method, the sole and upper are firmly attached, and not only is it excellent in toughness, but you can also feel the cushioning of the sole directly. The rubber sole is flexible, can be bent in all directions, and is designed so that you won't get tired even if you wear it. In addition, the materials that match the seasons are selected, and shoes that match each season are made.


Famous brands and collaboration products with celebrities are perfect for men!

The maccheronian shoes are all handmade, in addition to being simple yet unique in color. This handmade feel is popular with women, but on the other hand, maccheronian has many shoes that suit men's shoes. Among them, the most popular are collaboration products with popular brands and products designed by celebrities.

In the past, collaborations with well-known Maison brands such as Comme des Garcons and Margaret Howell have been talked about. In addition, the OASIS model designed by the Gallagher brothers of the popular British rock band OASIS has also been announced. The Gallagher brothers made use of their unique sensibilities to create shoes by thinking about the design from scratch. Therefore, even though the shoes are quite distinctive, they are irresistible for men.

In addition, since TANAKA UNIVERSAL has its roots in a military shoe factory, it has the GERMAN TRAINER of the former German army, the Italian Navy model, the Romanian army model, and the last and cut knives of the former Czech Slovak army.

Based on these, we are making an original reprint, but the military atmosphere is easy to incorporate into men's fashion, and it is attracting attention from men. Taking advantage of such an atmosphere, you can incorporate it into a military outfit, or you can match it with a simple and neat outfit.

oasis MODEL


maccheronian is a shoe brand that is also recommended for men!

The maccheronian has been accepted by women for its handmade feel, but it is also attracting the attention of men, especially the OASIS model designed by the Gallagher brothers. Originally, it boasts a high level of technology and a unique fashionability, partly because it manufactured military shoes.

The maccheronian shoes have a military feel and are purely original and well-designed, making them easy to incorporate into men's fashion.