maccheronian sneakers size selection points

Maccheronian sneakers Size selection points

Speaking of hurdles in choosing shoes, isn't it size selection?

No matter how much you like your shoes, if they are uncomfortable to wear, you will have fewer turns. If the brand changes, the feeling of size will change, and there is also a preference for comfort, so I can not say unconditionally, but understanding the material and making of shoes will help you choose the size. Here are some tips for choosing Macaronian sneakers.


Choose the one that fits

In general sneakers, the upper part above the sole and the sole that is the sole are made separately and glued together. There are sneakers in which the upper and sole are sewn together, but most of them are crimped with glue, so the upper and sole are easily peeled off, and the shoe lacks a sense of unity.

Macaronian sneakers, on the other hand, use a vulcanized process. This is a way to integrate the upper and sole. Since the upper and sole are hard to peel off, it is durable and long-lasting, and it also enables flexible comfort that bends in all directions, so you can wear shoes with a feeling close to bare feet without burdening your feet. Therefore, when choosing a size, it is essential to choose one that fits well.

All Macaronian sneakers are handmade by craftsmen. Since it is designed so that it fits comfortably on your feet each time you wear it, it is important to avoid making it a large size or a size that you can wear with plenty of room, and choose one that fits properly.

Also, since the materials used in Macaronian are all gentle, it is not uncommon for the size of the sneakers to be affordable while wearing them. You don't have to choose a tighter size at the time of purchase, but be aware that choosing a larger size will make your sneakers uncomfortable if they fit your feet and become loose. As the size increases, your feet move in the sneakers and lose their functionality. For Macaronian sneakers, be sure to choose a size that fits reasonably well.

Let's check the material

Many Macaronian sneakers are unisex and are labeled in European size. Therefore, even if you are accustomed to the same size with other shoes, the feeling of size is often different. It is a good idea to try it on before deciding the size, or to use a store that accepts exchanges.

When choosing a size, it is important to check whether the foot fits the length of the sole and the material of the upper. Sneakers with leather upper and sneakers with nylon have different sizes even if they are the same size. In addition, the size will change depending on whether it is a sneaker or a slip-on type, so it is essential to check the sneaker making and materials before considering the size.

Material selection


Let's value the fit

When choosing Macaronian sneakers, it's important to choose a size that fits reasonably well. It is designed to fit your feet while you are wearing it, so it is not a good idea to choose a larger size or a looser size when purchasing. Also, even if the size is the same, the feeling of size will differ depending on the sneaker making and material. Check carefully when choosing a size and be careful.