What is maccheronian?

What kind of brand is maccheronian?

Macaronian has been gaining attention as a shoe brand, but do you know what the characteristics of the brand are? Some people may want to know what a charming brand is. In this article, we will explain in detail not only the performance and functions of Macaronian, but also the characteristics of the materials used.


Macaronian is a handmade shoe at the Romanian factory

First, let's get an overview of where Macaronian is produced and what kind of products it is. The production of Macaronian by TANAKA UNIVERSAL is carried out in Romania.

The Romanian factory, which began operations in 2003, initially manufactured Italian military rubber shoes and sneakers. After that, it was a characteristic of the Romanian factory that it also functioned as a production factory for shoes used by the NATO army. The characteristic of Macaronian is that the shoes are handmade one by one by the craftsmen who have cultivated the technology at the site, and they are attracting worldwide attention as craft shoes.


The charm of Macaronian with high functionality

Excellent performance as shoes is a characteristic of Macaronian. It can be said that the major factor is that the craftsmen who have the know-how of the factory that has produced military shoes are making it with great care. Macaronians are produced using an advanced technique called the vulcanized process. Shoes made by the vulcanized method are known to have flexible flexibility, high grip performance, and cushioning that is gentle on the foot. It is easy to imagine that it is highly functional and has a comfortable finish even if you wear it for a long time. In addition, because it is made with high strength, it is hard to break even if it is used hard, and it is also attractive as a long-lasting shoe.




It is also attractive to use raw rubber

Macaronian is also characterized by using raw rubber for the sole, producing and completing rubber that does not melt even when exposed to the high temperature of asphalt.

By using all other natural materials, it is also attractive that the shoes are finished with less environmental impact. It is a brand that should be a candidate even when considering the future of the earth in the future.



High performance and eco-friendly Macaronian

The Macaronian brand is characterized by its high performance and durability because it was created by utilizing the know-how used in the manufacture of military shoes.

Furthermore, the environmental load is reduced by using raw rubber and naturally derived materials. In addition to being suitable for various scenes, it is a brand that is very attractive from the perspective of dealing with future global environmental problems.