GERMAN TRAINER How to dress women

Featured items for fashionable girls! GERMAN TRAINER How do women dress?

GERMAN TRAINER is a simple sports shoe at first glance, but it is actually a masterpiece inspired by the designers of world famous Maisons.

Fashionable clothes that have a casual atmosphere and sporting taste have become popular, so fashionable girls are attracting attention in Japan. I will explain how to wear GERMAN TRAINER.


What kind of sneaker is GERMAN TRAINER?

GERMAN TRAINER was originally a training shoe for the German Army. Military products are often manufactured by sports equipment manufacturers, and GERMAN TRAINER was also manufactured by the factory of major sports manufacturers such as Adidas and Puma.

The historical background is one of the reasons why the adidas version is still very popular even after various designers started making GERMAN TRAINER.

The original GERMAN TRAINER is manufactured by Tanaka Universal.

Tanaka Universal is taking on the challenge of recreating shoe molds, soles, and shoemaking machines that are about to be forgotten in the times and history, and incorporating them into modern fashion while preserving the essence and culture of shoes.

GERMAN TRAINER has also made a reprint using the manufacturing method, wood pattern and materials of the time when it was manufactured as military shoes in Germany. GERMAN TRAINER is full of various charms, such as the solid appearance without waste like a military item, durability, and the comfort of a wooden pattern designed based on ergonomics.


GERMAN TRAINER designed by a famous Maison brand designer

The fashion trend is cyclical.

The sporting taste has never been a fashion trend, but the sporting, casual taste and relaxed atmosphere in fashion are now firmly established.

GERMAN TRAINER has been reborn in the fashion trend that is accepted regardless of gender or age.

The designers of famous Maisons such as Dior, Gucci and Martin Margiela have established a position as a masterpiece of fashion items that sets it apart from sneakers.

Above all, Martin Margiela's GERMAN TRAINER is charismatic and has a lot of enthusiastic fans, and the designer is extremely popular.

The reason for its popularity may be the charisma of the designer Margiela and the unique world view of the brand he created. However, the reason why we don't grab people's hearts is that the design of military shoes is an elegant fashion item while maintaining the comfort and functionality.

While keeping the look of military shoes, we use high-quality calf leather as a material to create an elegant atmosphere, and do not insist on the color too much, and we have put it together in ivory color that is easy to coordinate with any fashion.



It seems that the trend of incorporating sneakers and sports shoes into fashion has become firmly established.

Now you can coordinate sneakers with any fashion, from elegant dresses to solid business suits. Rather, by adding sneakers to a fashion that is not sporty, you can create a sense of trend.

You don't have to worry about wearing GERMAN TRAINER. Just match your favorite coordination and you can enjoy a stylish upgrade. However, I would like to introduce the recommended way to wear it for girls who are “not able to wear sneakers and sports shoes” and “I do not have confidence in coordination”.

# Coordination with skirts and dresses The trend of long skirts continues for a long time.

The compatibility between GERMAN TRAINER and long skirts and dresses is outstanding. Skirts and dresses are items that symbolize femininity, but dare to combine sneakers to reduce femininity, you can add a light and lively atmosphere. You may want to match your skirt with socks of similar colors.

Of course, it is also recommended to coordinate with a mini skirt. In the case of miniskirts and shorts, youthfulness and cuteness stand out when paired with high socks.

# Coordination with pants Pants are originally men's-like items, so they go well with sneakers and are easy to coordinate for people who are not familiar with sneakers.

The line of pants can be balanced from slender to wide and from long to short. Coordination with denim is also recommended. When coordinating with denim, combining feminine tops with soft materials and colors will not be too hard and will give you a good balance of sportiness and femininity.


Let's master the GERMAN TRAINER like yourself!

GERMAN TRAINER is a sneaker that has not only comfort and function, but also history related to its birth and inherited feelings.

Loved by well-known designers, it has become a shoe with special value that adds fashionability. However, you never choose who you wear. These sneakers are easy to put on and worn by anyone, whatever their clothes. Why don't you wear GERMAN TRAINER yourself?