GERMAN TRAINER's adult-like clean coordination

GERMAN TRAINER looks great as an adult-like clean coordination! Summary of product features and coordination!

GERMAN TRAINER is attracting attention from people of all ages as fashionable sneakers.

This brand is released by us, a manufacturer called TANAKA UNIVERSAL. GERMAN TRAINER has a slightly different atmosphere than conventional sneakers and can be used for various coordination.

In this article, I will introduce the features and coordination patterns of GERMAN TRAINER sneakers.

GERMAN TRAINER based on German training shoes


GERMAN TRAINER sneakers have the following features.

# Use the type of German training shoes
GERMAN TRAINER is a series inspired by the training shoes of the same name used by the German army. Using the existing wooden pattern, we have recreated military sneakers that TANAKA UNIVERSAL can use with the same manufacturing method as the training shoes that were once used. By the way, the materials and specifications used for GERMAN TRAINER are the same as at the time.

# Using a sole that improves comfort It is also a feature of GERMAN TRAINER that a special sole that enhances comfort is used. Stability that wraps your legs and resistance to fatigue is created by a sole designed for body movement. Another feature of the series is the use of a light EVA midsole on some marathon models.

#Slim and clean design
GERMAN TRAINER sneakers are also popular because of their sophisticated designs. The overall design of this sneaker is slender and has a simple yet sophisticated feel. In addition, many models use basic colors such as white, black, and navy, so when you wear them, only your feet will not stand out. GERMAN TRAINER sneakers are also attractive because they have a presence that sets them apart from ordinary casual shoes, since cowhide and suede are used.

GERMAN TRAINER is a sneaker that matches adult casual

The style of matching sneakers with casual coordination is popular with a wide range of generations. GERMAN TRAINER sneakers are great for coordinating adult casual clothing for people over their 20s.

GERMAN TRAINER's sneakers, which have a stylish design and texture that makes you feel # grade, are particularly useful when you want to upgrade your casual coordination. The texture and color variations of GERMAN TRAINER sneakers make you feel a sense of Europe. The minimalist design, which leaves a remnant of military training shoes, matches the mature casual style.

# Easy to match with casual items such as denim and T-shirts
GERMAN TRAINER sneakers have a sporty atmosphere that is unique to training shoes. It is easy to match items such as denim jeans and T-shirts, which are classic adult casual clothes, and if you combine them well, you can complete a casual coordination with a uniform feeling up to your feet.

# Bare feet or socks are OK
GERMAN TRAINER sneakers can be enjoyed in both bare and sock styles. The style of wearing sneakers with bare feet completes the coordination of adult casual wear. When aiming for this style, it is a good idea to wear GERMAN TRAINER sneakers barefoot without wearing socks or stockings.

It is also easy to match the jacket style

When pairing with beautiful items such as jackets, it is necessary to devise a little in the design of sneakers and how to choose colors. GERMAN TRAINER sneakers are characterized by being relatively easy to match with such items.

# Design shoes similar to business shoes Business shoes for men that fit suits are often the type that ties the instep part with a string. GERMAN TRAINER sneakers have a slightly higher instep design. Therefore, at first glance it may look like business shoes. Dark-colored models such as black and models using cowhide may fit comfortably with high-quality jackets. It is easy to match lighter color models such as white with a slightly lighter color jacket such as beige, khaki or blue.

# Matching shoes and socks color to a more sophisticated look Matching sneakers and socks color to a jacket can create a more sophisticated look. For example, if you pair socks of the same color with a black GERMAN TRAINER model, you can see your feet clearly. For bicolor models that combine gray and dark blue, choosing socks that are the same color as the colors used for sneakers will give you a uniform look and a fashionable look.


Let's try original coordination with GERMAN TRAINER

GERMAN TRAINER, which has various characteristics, is attractive in that it can be used for a wide range of coordination. Once you find a model you like, you may want to think about what kind of coordination you can use. If you devise a way to combine it with a jacket or socks, you will have a sophisticated adult casual outfit. Let's enjoy the fashion of GERMAN TRAINER with original coordination while considering color balance and so on.