The comfort that can be used for home yoga is attractive! maccheronian is a sneaker that is particular about design and materials

The comfort that can be used for home yoga is attractive! maccheronian is a sneaker that is particular about design and material

Fashion using sneakers has become popular in recent years, making it easier to incorporate into a wide range of coordination from casual styles to beautiful eyes. The appeal of sneakers is that they are rich in design and easy to walk in, but many models that use better materials or use traditional manufacturing methods are comfortable to wear and never get tired of.

In this column, I will introduce the fashionable and easy-to-wear maccheronian that can be used for sports and everyday outfits.



Introducing the charm of maccheronian

maccheronian is a shoe brand produced in a Romanian factory that used to manufacture shoes supplied by the Italian army. Since its founding in 2003, sneakers with rich cushioning and a high-quality rubber sole that can be bent in any direction have been highly evaluated not only in Japan but also around the world.

Liam Gallagher of the British rock group Oasis was also known as one of the fans, and a collaboration model with the Gallagher brothers was released.

All the materials used for sneakers are earth-friendly, and the sole and upper are made of raw rubber only, and are produced using the traditional vulcanized manufacturing method. The vulcanized method is a method in which the upper and sole are pressed in a kiln heated to a high temperature, creating a flexible fit for the maccheronian collection, and succeeding in suppressing the discomfort that is easily felt when wearing new sneakers. I am.



Stylish sneakers that can be used in the gym or yoga

In addition to comfort, maccheronian is a sneaker with a rich design. The simple image without flashy decoration and the handmade texture are especially popular with female fans.

The reason why women are so popular is that the lining inside the sneakers is made of organic cotton in consideration of the possibility of touching the bare skin. One of the charms of the sneakers released by maccheronian is the timeless design that can be worn regardless of gender or age. The slightly retro style is familiar to everyone and can be incorporated into coordination in various scenes throughout the year.

Lightweight and cushioned comfort is preferred by women who enjoy sports, and many use it for yoga and gyms. Above all, the minimal maccheronian sneakers will look stylish if you coordinate them with leggings. Since the legs look beautiful, it is suitable for teachers who have yoga classes and people who enjoy yoga at home, and women who want to incorporate fashion into sports often use gym shoes because they are casual and easy to use.

GYM maccheronian


Enjoy sports and fashion at maccheronian

The maccheronian is a comfortable sneaker produced in Romania using a special manufacturing method and is highly evaluated by celebrities. With a genderless design, it is popular with women because of its good materials and minimal image. Not only can it be incorporated into everyday coordination, but it is also lightweight and suitable for women who enjoy sports.