-Shoes that return to the earth- "BIO HOTELS" model

Maccheronian was born as a shoe that returns to the earth

Did you know that TANAKA UNIVERSAL's brand shoes include the "BIO HOTELS" model, which was born with the concept of "returning to the earth"?

Macaronian is not just a craft shoe, but a shoe created to realize the sustainability of society by thinking about what can be done to address global environmental problems. In this article, we'll take a closer look at how Macaronians contribute to the environment.



Brands that contribute to a sustainable society

The characteristic of modern society is that it has been cultivated by petroleum technology, and the problem of crude oil depletion has been a concern from the beginning. In addition, various social issues have arisen, such as the impact of greenhouse gases generated by the burning of petroleum on global warming and the problem of waste disposal of synthetic rubber and synthetic plastics.

Efforts to create a sustainable society in line with SDG's are being promoted worldwide, and companies are beginning to raise sustainability activities as one of the foundations of their businesses.

TANAKA UNIVERSAL has also created an eco-friendly brand based on the idea of ​​SDG's. That is Macaronian, and this shoe does not use any petroleum-based synthetic rubber for the rubber that is indispensable for the sole part.

Originally, synthetic rubber has been selected for shoes due to the problem that raw rubber is vulnerable to high heat and the low cost. However, Macaronian overcomes this common challenge and finds a unique formulation that allows it to create a sole that does not melt without synthetic rubber.

Natural rubber is a naturally derived material, so if it is buried in soil, it will be decomposed by microorganisms and returned to the earth. The Macaronian "BIO HOTELS" model is finished as a shoe that returns to the earth without using any other metal or plastic.

BIO HOTELS Macaronian has been widely developed as a brand that symbolizes the efforts for SDG's. We have shown our stance that we should work toward the realization of a sustainable society beyond the industry, such as by creating a collaboration model with "BIO HOTELS JAPAN", which is responsible for hotel sustainability certification.

It is also attractive that we give due consideration to the function and design of shoes and strive to enable general consumers to take the initiative in contributing to society.




Let's contribute to a sustainable society with maccheronian

Macaronian's "BIO HOTELS" model is an original brand of TANAKA UNIVERSAL, which was created with the concept of returning to the earth and uses only materials that are decomposed in the soil. The design is simple, but it has a solid presence, and the shoes are fully functional. Why not consider Macaronian shoes with the idea of ​​contributing to a sustainable society?