GERMAN TRAINER is classical and simple! Introducing features and size that looks beautiful!

As the sneaker boom rises, each sneaker brand is aggressive in developing new models that match the fashion. Under such circumstances, GERMAN TRAINER, which has released a model with a classical image that sets it apart from other brands, is highly regarded by sneaker fans for its simplicity and comfort. In this column, let's introduce GERMAN TRAINER and its size.


What is the charm of GERMAN TRAINER and the coordination that is easy to match?

GERMAN TRAINER was supplied and used as a military training shoe in West Germany from around 1970 to 1994. Today, it is sold under various brands as sneakers with the motif of military equipment.

Since it is based on the sneakers that were supplied by the military, there are no restrictions on the use of the design, so in many cases it is also deployed in apparel brands. The GERMAN TRAINER's main feature is its rational design, which is used in a single color because it is unnecessary for the military personnel to use flashy decorations and coloring, and the shoelace design also emphasizes the fit.

But just because it's not decorative and colorful, it's not a completely subdued design. It was said that the sneakers that were used in the West German Army at the time were manufactured at the same production plant as Puma and Adidas, so their shapes and images are relatively similar to those of these brands. For this reason, it is not without decoration at all, and the coloring of the gum sole and the texture of suede, etc. are simple decorations, and it is a big attraction that there is a presence in the design.

GERMAN TRAINER's typical coloring is said to be white. For example, the model with white leather upper has suede from the toe to the side, and the color of the material is different.

This is done to increase the strength of the sneakers, but the feature is that the suede part has a simple decoration and the overall silhouette with a smart silhouette is finished in a stylish image.

In 2002, the white GERMAN TRAINER was released by the high-brand Maison Margiela, who was born in Paris, and received a great deal of attention from the world. GERMAN TRAINER uses the vulcanized manufacturing method that was established in 1839 as the basic manufacturing method for sneakers, and its characteristic is that the sole and upper have a high degree of adhesion and do not lose their shape.

Maison Margiela has succeeded in developing military sneakers as fashion items, using original shapes and changing materials and colorings each season. GERMAN TRAINER has a classic look and is suitable for clean casual coordination, and if you use decorative sneakers on your feet, it will be a good item for your outfit. As it is easy to match with long skirts such as pleats, female fans of GERMAN TRAINER are increasing in recent years.

The original model is sold by a Japanese company

GERMAN TRAINER is developed from various brands, but we are the original model produced by TANAKA UNIVERSAL.

We are the first company in the world to release a reprint model using the GERMAN TRAINER wooden pattern and the manufacturing machines that were actually used, while adhering to the traditional manufacturing method. From the end of supply in the German army to the present, not only observing the manufacturing method and specifications at that time, but also continuing to produce at GERMAN TRAINER, Slovak factory that manufactured sneakers of Puma and Adidas. ..

Although the same type of GERMAN TRAINER is being developed by high brands, TANAKA UNIVERSAL's GERMAN TRAINER can be said to be the closest sneaker to the actual one that was provided to the German army. For this reason, the functionality of the miniature item is highly reflected, and the excellent cushioning properties make it less tiring and comfortable to wear, which is the characteristic of the original model developed by TANAKA UNIVERSAL.

A feeling of size that GERMAN TRAINER can wear cleanly

GERMAN TRAINER is a slender sneaker with a clean design form. For this reason, if you tie the shoelaces loosely, you will not be able to use the beautiful silhouette, so you should be able to wear them with a slightly stronger tie.

The Converse All-Star is a famous model for narrow sneakers, but it is said that many people choose a slightly larger size. Although there are individual differences, if you are a type of foot with a size of 24.5 cm and the width of the foot is rather narrow, US 7 size is just size for low type all-star, and it is considered to be comfortable comfort if you raise half size. I will.

The size of GERMAN TRAINER needs to be selected according to how you want to wear it. If you have an all-star, it's a good idea to check the impression when wearing it before purchasing GERMAN TRAINER.

However, in the case of GERMAN TRAINER, basically, if you tie the string tightly with sizing about half size, the line of the foot does not affect the contour of the sneaker and the slender form is emphasized and it looks beautiful. Will be opened.

GERMAN TRAINER loved all over the world

GERMAN TRAINER, which was once a German army item, is widely loved around the world as a sneaker with good comfort and a simple and stylish design.

It was a military item with a lot of male fans, but it is also a feature that women's popularity is gaining popularity in recent years because it is easy to incorporate in casual fashion. Due to its slender silhouette, many German trainers are worried about the size, but it is said that half-size up is easy to wear.