Maccheronian shoes that are perfect for a little neighborhood outing

Maccheronian shoes that are perfect for a little neighborhood outing

Many people may be wondering what kind of shoes to wear when they are not dressed as formal or dress. It is surprising that you are seen when you go shopping in the neighborhood or when you pick up and drop off at a kindergarten.

Maccheronian shoes are simple, fit any outfit, and are not embarrassing to meet anyone. Here, we will introduce in detail the charm of Macaronian shoes.

What is maccheronian?

maccheronian was born in 2003 at a Romanian manufacturing plant. Originally, it was a factory that made rubber shoes for the Italian army and NATO army, and even now most of the processes are handmade. Therefore, not only is it durable as a shoe, but it also has a different texture for each pair of shoes.

Macaronian shoes are made of raw rubber and use the Vulcanize method of bonding the sole and upper parts by high heat treatment. Therefore, it has excellent cushioning and flexibility, and the sole is hard to peel off. While most rubber-soled shoes quickly come off or are difficult to walk on, these Macaronian shoes don't feel tired when walking for long periods of time. The wide, low instep construction fits the Japanese foot very well.

Macaronian shoes are great for pick-ups, shopping in the neighborhood, and other situations where you have to walk. There are plenty of designs, and the collaboration with the famous British Maison Margaret Howell is also famous. You can see that the Macaronian shoes, which the famous Maison also chooses for collaboration, are excellent in their functionality and design.


Maccheronian that matches any outfit

Macaronian shoes are made from a variety of materials such as canvas and leather. Choosing a canvas material will give you a more casual atmosphere, and choosing a leather one will give you a better feel than sneakers.

Housewives are more likely to choose casual clothes when shopping in the neighborhood or picking up a kindergarten. These Macaronian shoes are perfect for such occasions. Even if you choose a white color, it won't get dirty easily, and it will make your everyday clothes look better. Of course, it goes well with casual items such as jeans, but it doesn't look too sweet with a long skirt or dress with a feminine floral pattern. The colors are mainly basic colors such as white and black, and it is a convenient item that suits any outfit.

It feels right, so you can be confident no matter who you meet and see your feet.


Macaronian shoes that combine functionality and fashion

Macaronian shoes made of raw rubber carefully made by hand. It has cushioning and is easy to walk, so it is attractive because it has high functionality as shoes for everyday use. At the same time, the simple design that can cover a wide range of fashion from casual to feminine is suitable for everyday shoes for housewives.

Macaronian shoes are useful for kindergarten transfers and small neighborhood shopping.